Are You There Yet?

As a CERTIFIIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ fluent in Chinese, I work with business owners, individuals and families to identify your investing goals, creating strategy that aims to take you where you are now to where you desire to be financially.


Entrepreneurs & Business Owners

We know that running a business can be exhilarating but all consuming.  Let us help you focus on protecting your family and your business by setting up a plan that considers your full financial picture.  Whether you need assistance with a company sponsored retirement plan such as a 401(k) or SEP IRA, benefits for key employees, or a business continuity plan, we will help tailor a strategy that adresses your needs.


Retirement Planning

We assist you with identify your retirement goals and objectives as well as review your sources of income during your retirement years.  Your income sources may include social security, pensions, and your other investments that may provide an income stream to develop your “paycheck” in retirement.


Family Wealth Planning

We understood planning your financial future is about more than just your own needs.  That is why our client relationships are often a family affair.  The financial planning we provide is aimed at protecting your family’s wealth for generations to come.


Insurance Planning

We evaluate your current insurance coverages and your protection needs.  We will also review your needs in retirement such as how you would pay for healthcare costs that arise and if long term care insurance is appropriate for you.


Estate Planning Strategies

We work with you to understand who and what organizations are important to you and assist in planning how your wealth transfers.  We help you with designating beneficiaries on your investments, properly titling the registration of your assets, and charitable giving.